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REX - this is the ALPALIFE.COM TRADE project's own token. It is a full-fledged trading unit. REX was developed as a universal payment instrument, allowing people to make a profit at the current exchange rate of their currency in the arbitrage pool.
The REX token does not depend on the cryptocurrency market and has its own ecosystem.

REX is always open to trading and you can exchange it for any cryptocurrency in your personal account

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All profit accruals are processed daily in REX tokens, in proportion to the current exchange rate of REX itself and your cryptocurrency, which is currently in the arbitrage pool. Since REX is located in its own ecosystem, its growth depends directly on the development of ALPALIFE.COM TRADE.

It is possible to receive REX tokens in only 2 ways:
1. Getting daily profit from your arbitrage pool.
2. Automatic distribution of tokens as remuneration for providing liquidity to the project within the framework of REX token farming

Our unique profit payout system allows investors to receive a combined profit: You receive daily income from your arbitrage pool and can also receive profit on the growing REX token.

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