What is Arbitrage trading?
Arbitrage trading is a strategy that involves simultaneous opening of the opposite trading positions in order to get profit from the price difference for one asset (cryptocurrency) on various exchange platforms.
What is "alpalife.com"?
alpalife.com - this is a professional arbitrage trading robot of our own unique design, a complex system of many programs that can analyze gigabytes of information, find the price difference for cryptocurrencies on different exchange platforms and complete transactions instantly.
What is an arbitrage pool?
The arbitrage pool is the funds you transfer to alpalife.com's management for use in arbitrage trading to make a profit.
Are there any risks to use alpalife.com?
Arbitrage trading is considered risk-free because it assumes playing on the prices balance. This strategy is based on buying at a low price and selling at a high price, and alpalife.com makes a deal on the already existing price difference at the moment, so there is absolutely no risk of losing funds.
What income do I get when I create an arbitrage pool?
ALPALIFE.COM TRADE pays investors a variable income, starting from 1.1% and up to 3% on daily basis. The profit from arbitrage trading depends on many factors, so the income of investors directly depends on the income of the company.
In what currency do I get my profit?
All income accruals from the arbitrage pool are processed using our own tokens - ALPA . The amount of accruals is proportional to the current exchange rate of your currency, the daily percentage and the current exchange rate of the ALPA token.
How can I withdraw my profit?
In your personal account, you can exchange your ALPA tokens for any cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. After that you can initiate withdrawal.
For how long do I open an arbitrage pool?
Each arbitrage pool continues to work until the profit reaches 220%.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Minimum withdrawal amount is set at:
$15 - for all cryptocurrencies, $25 - for the ERC20 network.
What is the minimum amount to create an arbitrage pool?
The minimum amount of funds to create an arbitrage pool is - $ 50.
Is there a commission fee for depositing and withdrawing funds?
No, ALPALIFE.COM TRADE does not charge fees for transactions with your funds.
When does profit accrue?
Profit for using your arbitrage pool is accrued daily at 00:00 UTC.
Can I store ALPA tokens on my account?
Yes, of course. This is also a type of income in our company. You can store ALPA tokens and exchange them when the token grows in value.
Can I buy ALPA tokens?
No, ALPA tokens cannot be purchased. They can be obtained only in 2 ways:
1. Getting daily profit from your arbitrage pool.
2. Automatic distribution of tokens as remuneration for providing liquidity to the project within the framework of ALPA token farming.
Where can I find alpalife.com trading statistics?
All transactions are published online in the "Reports" tab. There you can also see detailed daily trading statistics.
How do I get the ALPALIFE.COM PROFESSIONAL Affiliate program?
The ALPALIFE.COM PROFESSIONAL Affiliate program is available only on individual basis. If you are a blogger with a large team, you should contact our marketing representative.
Do you still have any questions? We are always willing to answer or provide you with all the necessary information.
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